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How to Stay Motivated When Starting a New Business.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

You’re probably ready for a change. After spending 40-hours at your job and doing the same thing every day, your probably asking yourself “is there something more?”

For some of us, working a 9-5 is a great thing because it’s stable, secure, and you’re offering your value to a business. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, for others, you might be ready for a change. Most people want to change at least one thing in their life. A routine, their hair, or maybe embark on a business idea they’ve been holding off on the past few months. It helps to understand what motivation means to you.

When you find out what it means, you can go from there.

The hardest part about starting a business is staying motivated. You’ll hit bumps in the road or maybe you’ll get stuck on an idea.

What is Motivation and Why It’s Necessary for Business?

Business is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s rare that a business starts and becomes successful overnight. When people dive right in, sometimes they get overwhelmed by how much is involved with a business.

The reason motivation is important is because it’s a tool for getting you through the rough patches. Motivation is the drive to achieve your goals. What we know is that motivation is influenced by the following:

  1. How much do you want the goal

  2. What you will gain

  3. Personal expectations versus reality

Motivation pushes you past the hard times and provides you with the goals to work towards. Problems won’t be an issue because you’ll be able to adapt and change old habits. You’ll build the coping habits that will see you through the bad moments.

How Do You Get Motivated for Your Small Business?

You got the plan. You think it’ll be a success. What now?

Now that you understand the motivation. How do you get motivated? I have a few tools here that you can use to stay motivated. Most people struggle with motivation because it can change from night to day especially because of life’s unexpected moments.

Use Family Friends as Support

You should start by telling your friends and family your business goals. This will help you keep motivated and may even gain you outside support for your startup. They act as support groups too. If they see you slipping or not following through, they may ask you what is up?

Include Your Goal as Part of Your Daily Routine

Include your business as part of your routine. It should be like brushing your teeth or exercising. Even if it’s 30 minutes a day because you’re working on a side hustle, make it a habit.

It takes 21 days for my habit. If you’re working on business days, you’re more likely to see the results and stay motivated.

Set Yourself Achievable Goals

Do you remember when you started riding a bicycle? For many of us, we started with training wheels. Then, little by little, we gained confidence in being able to ride our bike with just two wheels. It was scary at first. Now, it’s almost like second nature.

Baby steps…I like to stay take baby steps because a lot of times you can set yourself up for failure just by setting the bar too high. Achievable goals give us realistic expectations. At the same time, they’ll keep you motivated when you do hit those goals. After a while, you’ll see how those micro-goals are actually helping you get to the bigger one.

Mentally Prepare for Setbacks

As someone who likes to be prepared, I can understand your thoughts. Overthinking is a trait that stops us from really moving forward. You got this. I understand that some of us suffer from stress and anxiety. We’re worried about failure.

If you’re really worried about setbacks and that’s the reason you haven’t started your business, realize that setbacks are normal. Even if you fail at your business, you can get another job or begin another.

The biggest failure is not trying at all.

Remember Your Why

Write it on the wall or keep it as your phone display. Sometimes it’s not about the what or how, but more so the why. Why do you want to start that business?

  1. I want to start a business because I want freedom.

  2. I want to start a business because I have a family to support.

  3. I want to start a business because I have ideas I want to try.

  4. I want to start a business because I want to be financially independent.

  5. I want to start a business because I want to have a legacy.

Whatever your motivator is, there is a vital step between planning and doing. When you understand why you want to do something, you can get started on what and how.

These are a few examples of how your why can change your perspective. Being clear about what you’re working for can keep your goals on track.

Keep It Fun

It’s simple and genuine. Think about the fun things in your life. Find a way to keep your business fun. Who doesn’t like to have fun?

Final Thoughts

Despite what some people may think or say, there is nothing in this world that you can’t learn to do. With all the available technology and knowledge, you can do anything you really set your mind to. Business is no different.

Your motivation is within. Once you find it, keep it, and remind yourself why it’s important for you to have it.

You have an untapped potential which is your motivation. In today’s competitive world and market, you can easily lose yourself in others’ achievements. What drives us to stay motivated is who we are, but being proud of ourselves too.


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