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Should You Contract a Marketing Agency for Your Small Business?

You started your small business. You have great products and are confident you'll offer an excellent customer service experience.

Before you start selling, you receive a series of sales calls and emails from marketing agencies promising you that they can deliver the results you looking for.

They want to help you scale and grow your business quickly. You want to grow your business quickly to generate cash flow and revenue.

The goal of business is to grow it. However, based on your previous experience, you're unsure how to feel about a marketing agency. You might have a cousin or a friend who has some experience in social media marketing.

You have a decision to make. Is it worth the contractual agreement? Will they deliver on their promises? I guess no one can be too confident in their decision.

You might have trouble deciding what is a good option for you. In that case, I'll walk you through a few questions to ask yourself that are aimed to help you determine whether hiring a marketing agency is right for you.

Do You Have Time?

The first question to ask yourself before taking on a marketing agency is "Do I have time for marketing? What is your schedule like? Business owners can and should foster a work environment that appreciates time management. If you are running around and too busy to focus on marketing, you might want to consider a marketing agency to take on the load.

Good time management also implies that a company can fix problems as they emerge without disrupting day-to-day activities. A planned, organized timetable gives extra time for problem-solving or unanticipated occurrences, which is critical for firms that rely on consistent production to enhance ROI.

What Kind of Budget Are You Working With?

This is another important question. Did you calculate your budget? If you are a startup, you need to consider your expenses.

Despite what a marketing agency may offer you, don't be fooled. They are expensive. They'll offer you packages that include Google Ads or Social Media Management. I've seen the most basic marketing agencies charge $1200 which doesn't include the ad spend.

Marketing agencies are an option if you have a budget and a steady cash flow to outsource it. However, if you need quick changes, marketing agencies usually take 3-6 months to get your business up to speed.

Do You Have Experience in Marketing?

Experience in marketing can give you the edge in starting a business. You should have a basic understanding of SEO, Social Media, email campaigning, and domain authority.,

If you know how to set up an ad or understand your target audience, you won't necessarily need to rely on a marketing agency. Nevertheless, if you decide to choose a marketing agency, please familiarize yourself with the terminology.

Marketing agencies, even with their best intentions, might try to show off with fancy terminology that you don't understand. I've come across business owners who were fooled by appearances and locked into contracts.

Are Your Social Media Channels Setup?

Your business should have everything set up before you start bringing in customers. A checklist of items that your business should look into includes a website, marketing materials, social media channels,

How Does Your Website Look?

You probably remember spending hours putting together a website. You think it looks great. Unfortunately, we can be biased toward our own creations.

You want to be honest with yourself even if you have an emotional attachment to it. Websites are important. The best way to find the answer to his question is to ask strangers to take a look.

Once you receive feedback, you can make a decision to move forward. A marketing agency usually has a team of experts who can put together a website for you.

What Are You Selling?

What are you selling? This could determine if you need a marketing agency or not. The type of product or service you sell is something to consider.

For instance, if you own a local restaurant, there is nothing better than word-of-mouth to get your business going. You can focus your resources on quality service and products.

Do You Like Being Locked Down?

It's a long-term decision. Most agencies require contracts. You'll have to sign a contract and in most cases, they're a year long. A lot can happen in a year. Your goals can change or maybe you land a huge contract.

A marketing agency could be the right option if you are okay with consistent goals and have a budget to maintain them. Also, be mindful that canceling is usually a no-go. Agencies usually have a cancellation fee that is associated with a contract.

What Are Your Business' Future Goals?

Your business goals matter too. Marketing agencies are reliable in certain areas because in-house marketing teams are costly. A marketing agency can help a business scale during its growth phases. Whether you want a marketing team or not, is another question you need to ask yourself.

Your business might require a dedicated marketing team to stay competitive. Competitors may have a marketing team that is primarily focused on your business whereas marketing agencies typically have a list of businesses they work with.

Final Thoughts

It's not always easy to decide what works best for your business. To avoid making a mistake, focus on research to make a calculated decision. A smart starting point is to see what your competitors are doing. In addition, don][t worry too much if you do make a mistake.

You can repurpose your efforts in the areas of your business that matter. During your business' growth phase, you can experiment to see what works for you. Changes are sometimes necessary. Don't settle either.

If you see that an agency is not cutting it, move on. There are alternatives to options. You don't need to feel stuck either.


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