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Top 20 Freelance Front End Website Developers

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

A well-structured and good website is a must for businesses these days. Keeping up your website with the latest digital trends is significant for growing your business, whether it's a small startup or an established company.

However, owning a business website helps you with managing the online presence and increases your customers.

Therefore, you can hire freelance web developers or an agency that may be a good fit to create a website.

For individual expert developers or designers, I'd recommend using freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. If you want ongoing work, you should hire an agency to solve your problems.

Though, finding the web developer or web designer to build your website according to your idea is quite tough. To help you get started with finding and hiring website developers or website designers,

I've created a list of the Top 20 website developers that can deliver amazing website solutions. Explore the list, visit their websites, and browse their previous projects, reviews & descriptions to find the perfect fit for your business.

In the end, I'll discuss the reasons why having a useful website is important for your business.

Let's begin!

List of the Top Web Developers

1. Danny Seng Visit Website

Danny Seng is one of the noted front-end web developers that specialize in building websites and web applications. He has great experience in HTML, CSS, JS and is open to all technologies. Moreover, you can visit his site to see his incredible work portfolio and learn more.

2. Magneto IT Solutions Visit Website

Magento is an award-winning web development agency that is focused on creating fantastic e-commerce stores, innovative mobile and web applications. This e-commerce development company can help you with building an amazing online store for your business. Visit the website to learn more.

3. Orangesoft VIsit Website

Orangesoft is a renowned web development and mobile app company that has completed more than 300 projects. The company gives services of web apps, iOS & Android apps, IoT apps, UI/UX Design, Tech Consultant, and Project management. Browse through the website to see a portfolio, reviews, and to learn about technologies the company used for development and designing.

4. iTechart Group Visit Website

iTechArt is a custom software development agency with a strong pool of 1800+ designers, developers, and leaders. The leading company is famous for delivering scalable products that customers love. See the website to learn more about their services.

5. Codal Visit Website

Codal is evident in their work to give digital solutions to their clients with a data-driven approach. It is one of the best UX Design, Website development, and an e-commerce company that can help you to grow your business online by transforming it into supportive and streamlined operations via software development. Visit the website and accelerate your digital transformation.

6. Jack Jeznach Visit Website

Jack is an amazing front-end developer and WordPress expert. If you're looking for an individual web development expert to create a small business website, I recommend you to explore Jack's website, services, and portfolio.

7. Oluwakemi Adeleke Visit Website

Looking for a freelance developer that also possesses UI/UX design skills? Oluwakemi is a professional & talented frontend developer with UI/UX designing skills. Get in touch with her by visiting the website and exploring her skills & portfolio.

8. BairesDev Visit Website

With a team of over 3000 talented engineers, BairesDev company has achieved success across the globe due to its web development services.

This is a web development and software development company that also offers IT support, Application testing, and many more. Google, Pinterest, Salesforce, Rolls-Royce burger king are some of the big clients of the company. Check out the company's website to explore more.

9. AllianceTek Visit Website

AllianceTek is empowering IT company that offers services of application development, e-commerce development, system design & development, system integration, and more. Moreover, the leading company features 200+ talented engineers, designers, and managers that give amazing solutions to their client's problems.

10. Matt Farley Visit Website

Matt is an experienced freelance front-end website developer and UI/UX Designer. With more than ten years of experience in development & designing, Matt provides quality services to his clients throughout the world and grows their businesses.

11. DCSL Guidesmiths Visit Website

DCSL is a trusted software development company with a team of over 250+ experts that provide web development, mobile application, UI/UX Design, and software services to their clients. Check out their website to learn more.

12. Adham Dhannaway Visit Website

Adham is a wonderful freelance frontend developer and designer. He has a great work portfolio and clients. Visit his website to see his portfolio and learn more about his services.

13. STRV Visit Website

STRV is fantastic web development, mobile app development, and UI/UX Design company that provides next-level designing & development services to its clients. The company is highly successful due to its quality services and large client base around the world.

14. Dejan Markovic Visit Website

Looking for a freelance individual UI/UX designer for your business website or application? Dejan is a professional UI/UX designer with an impressive work portfolio. So, you can visit the website to contact him or to browse through his services.

15. Robb Owen Visit Website

With 20+ years of Tech experience, Robb is a professional developer and designer that build interactive websites and products for small and big businesses. Visit his website to find out more about his expertise.

16. XtreemSolution Visit Website

Xtreem Solution is an award-winning web development company that gives high-end solutions according to your requirements and budget. They had a great experience in growing small startups, businesses, and enterprises with the latest technologies. Moreover, the company provides a huge range of services to its clients across the globe.

17. Olaolu Olawuyi Visit Website

With extensive experience in web development, UI engineering, progressive enhancement, and Design systems, Olaolu is an impressive front-end developer that had built a wide range of products for different clients and companies across several countries.

18. Matthew Williams Visit Website

A front-end web developer, Matthew has outstanding skills in web development, UI effects, animations, and dynamic users experiences. He has great expertise and accomplishments, so he provides digital solutions & products to his worldwide clients including websites, applications, and software.

19. Flatline Agency Visit Website

Flatline agency is an e-commerce development, custom development, software development, and app development company with a huge client base. Whether you want a Shopify store, WooCommerce store, a fantastic website for small or big businesses, and a web or mobile application, Flatline Agency can help you by providing the solution & product that will grow your business.

20. Emily Ridge Visit Website

Last but not least, Emily is a freelance web developer and designer that is highly skilled in developing and designing websites. She has great experience in creating fully responsive WordPress CMS websites. If you want a small business website for your startup, I'd highly recommend her. Moreover, check out her website to learn more.

Why is a website important for your business growth?

A business's online presence has a massive impact on business success. These days in the digital world, having a user-friendly and great website is important for your business growth and generating more revenue. Also, a website is important for a number of reasons. Listed below are the top reasons that will clarify why your business must have a website.

Increases Credibility & Trust

One of the significant reasons for having a business website is to improve your business's credibility. Nowadays, customers search for a business online and expect to have a well-designed & professional website. It establishes trust, makes a strong first impression in the minds of customers, and makes you stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Brand Awareness

A well-structured website that shows all about your business increases the awareness of your brand among customers. It tells them reliable information about your brand, who you're, and what you offer.

Establish Online Presence

One of the vital benefits of having a website is that it establishes the online presence of the business and your business becomes accessible to anyone globally. Furthermore, customers can get the information or avail of the services from your website 24/7.

Improves Customer Experience

Providing customer support 24/7 is tough for any business. But, the digital world has made it easy. Now, the website has improved customer experience and saved your time. The customers can get any kind of information about your brand from the website without calling and it'll boost customer experience.

Updates and Information Exchange

It is one of the captivating aspects of the website. You can post updates, announcements, or any information on it anytime. You can convey information through newsletters, advertisements, contact forms, blogs, and videos.

Growth Opportunity

Lastly, the website is like an online portfolio that shows what your brand is about and what it has achieved. It is truly beneficial and a growth opportunity for your business. I strongly recommend creating a website for your business and growing with the digital world.

The Bottom Line

So, there is a list of top website developers & website designers and the reasons behind the importance of having a website. If you understand coding and programming skills, create the website for your business by yourself.

Otherwise, it's wise to hire one of these top web developers to generate a robust online presence and boost your business.


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