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3 Reasons to Keep Your Products Simple

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

You’re probably motivated to start your business which is great. Before you start building it though, putting together a great product or service line is a challenge. This is because products and services depend on the resources that you depend on.

This includes budgeting too.

Simple products have an advantage too.

With that being said, you should keep your products simple. Yes, it’s we all want to add the bells and whistles. Sometimes it’s not ideal. There are three questions you should ask yourself when putting together a product or a service.

  1. Is it affordable?

  2. Is it in demand?

  3. Can I accomplish it on time and keep my customer happy?

These three questions are important. The reason there important is because you can understand what’s needed to make it work.

Simple Products Are Easy to Sell

The best way to test if your product can sell is by explaining it to others and what it does. Whether you plan to sell it yourself or have a team ready to do it for you, they need to understand what it is that you’re offering. The more details you add the worse it could be.

People have a short attention span. You don’t want to bore your customer with the details, but you do want to sell them the benefits of purchasing your service over others. Not to mention, your sales team should experience an easier time connecting with customers too.

The less detail the more you can spend time on bringing in new sales and customers.

Customers Can Get What They Need Quickly

Yep, you guessed it. Customers want quick and easy access to their services. Amazon and other brands are a primary example. Have you noticed how their services provide convenience? They’re easy to access right?

You might not have a business as large as Amazon, but you have a starting point. It’ll make it easier for your business to grow too.

Today’s market is about quick and simple processes. If a potential customer finds your service to complicating or not time convenient, they’ll move on to the next.

Quality is important, yet so is time. Nevertheless, you can’t expect people to figure your business out.

Memorable Fulfillment is Key

Customer service is absolute in business. There are businesses built on great customer service alone. You can’t please everyone, but you can try your best to do it! Of course, there will be people who really don’t like your product. It’s normal in business.

You can, however, promote a product that you can fulfill at a low expense and successfully.

The more complicated your product or service it is the more likely it will be difficult to manage or scale at a larger size.

This isn’t to say that difficult products aren’t marketable. However, at the core of business, especially if you’re new, consider a simple, easy product that you know for 100% you can have it completed on time.

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