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Does Email Marketing Still Work in 2022?

You're searching for opportunities to market your business, but don't have a big budget to spend. That's okay! If you are not utilizing email marketing, you definitely should.

There are a number of advantages to email marketing. Not only can you focus on building new customers, but you can retarget your old customers too.

Unfortunately, email marketing has a forgotten reputation in the marketing world. Admittedly, marketing experts like to look for the latest or greatest. However, sometimes it's the older methods that are tried and trusted that you can rely on.

You'd be surprised how many small businesses continue to ignore email marketing because it's assumed to be outdated. I'm here to tell you that email marketing is not going anywhere. I'll give you reasons why you should add email marketing to your marketing strategy.

Let's get started.

Simple to Start

It's simple to start. You're ready to go as long as you have an email address. You don't need a marketing team either. You can either start with a basic email address or invest in an email platform. Most email platforms offer free plans or trials too.

Email marketing does not need a large staff or extensive technical knowledge to be successful. It is absolutely feasible to add flair to an email campaign by using elegant layouts, videos, photos, and logos. However, some of the most effective campaigns use essential plain text emails, implying that the content of an email is the most significant factor.

Email Marketing is Low Cost

One of the most obvious benefits of email marketing is that it is less expensive than traditional marketing platforms. There are no printing or mailing expenditures, and no fees are paid in return for visibility on a specific billboard, magazine, or television station.

Small business owners don't need to be specialists to add automation to their marketing mix. Email marketers should think about investing in specialized software to automate, track, and analyze their emails.

Although there is a tiny overhead for sending thousands of emails at once, these expenses are far cheaper than what you would expect to pay utilizing other marketing methods.

Retargeting an Engaged Audience

It's hard to attain new customers. On average, businesses attain about 4% of new customers on a yearly basis. With that being said, your best bet is retargeting an engaged audience.

Email marketing is one of the few mediums that customers want. The majority of businesses that use the platform deliver messages solely to individuals who have signed up to receive them. This can result in substantially greater conversion rates because a company is just targeting customers who are already interested in their brand.

When you receive new contacts, make sure you collect their information including email addresses. Your website should have an option to opt in or subscribe to your newsletter. The more emails you collect the better!

Drive Revenue

Email marketing is excellent for capitalizing on spontaneous purchases and referrals too. There aren't many other marketing systems that allow buyers to move from seeing an offer to purchasing an item with just two mouse clicks. Email newsletters can drive sales like no other medium, with a compelling call to action and a direct connection to the checkout.

You want your customers to remember you and recommend you too.

Instant Impact

You can see immediate results. A firm may begin seeing benefits within minutes of sending its emails. A 24-hour sale is an excellent marketing strategy that can be used via email since it generates a feeling of urgency and persuades subscribers to take fast action.

You can impress customers with your ability to communicate with them 24/7. Customers like instant gratification. Additionally, if you combine it with email automation, customers will receive an email as soon as they inquire with you.

Businesses generally have to wait weeks before seeing sales as a consequence of print or broadcast advertising, and even then, how can they be certain what caused the purchase?

Brand Building

Did you know that it takes an average of 21 times for a customer to see your brand before considering you as an option? You're probably wondering why that is. It is because people want to go with a brand they trust.

It's no secret that humans are creatures of habit. While some of us will look for a new option, that is usually not the case. People are more likely to purchase from a brand they trust and recognize.

My recommendation is to send at least one email per week. A weekly newsletter that includes information and updates is a good option. You should send an email at least once or twice a week to keep your audiences engaged.

Final Thoughts

If you haven't started email marketing in 2022, do it. You won't regret the decision. It's a great strategy you can grow along with your business.

Email marketing is a smart tool to implement in your marketing strategy because it's budget-friendly, and you'll see immediate results. The reason why you continue to see messages in your inbox is that it works.

It is evident that email is the most successful marketing channel accessible to any organization. Perhaps it's time for your company to prioritize email marketing.


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